Deutsch als Fremdsprache


"Begegnungen A1+ ", published by Schubert Leipzig 2013; some additional materials will also be made available in an online moodle course


The level A1.1 consists of 4 SWS.



For students who stay at the OVGU for just one semester: test (performance record with 6 CP).
For students who stay longer than just one semester at the OVGU: certificate of attendance. After a regular attendance in the following course A1.2, a final examination A1 is possible (performance record with 10 CP).


personal information, hobbies and leisure time, city orientation, food
sentence construction, declination of nouns and articles, adjectives, personal pronouns, conjugation of verbs in the present, prepositions


wöch., Di 17:00-19:00 (G40B-406 (24 Plätze))
wöch., Do 17:00-19:00 (G40B-406 (24 Plätze))

asas ass dsd
23.04.2019 15:00Uhr G30-030 Müller,Meyer,Schulze

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