Registratur für externe Nutzer

If you belong to one of the following institutions, you must register with your official e-mail address:

  • HS-MD - Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal- ;
  • MPI - Max-Planck-Institut -
  • IFF - Fraunhofer-Institut -
  • LIN - Leibniz-Institut -
  • UFZ - Helmholtz-Institut -
  • IFAK - Institut für Automation und Kommunikation -
  • DZNE - Deutsches Zentrum für Neurogenerative Erkrankungen -

Registration process for authorised guests of the university

1. Send an email from your official e-mail address to with the subject “setting up a Moodle account to take part in language courses”. Please provide the following information about yourself: first and surname, date of birth, university email address or email address with one of the aforementioned domains.

2. You will receive the access information for your Moodle account via your university / work email.

3. Now you can register on Moodle by clicking on “Login without OVGU account”.

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