Payment arrangements for language courses

  1. The Language Centre has the right to charge course fees for voluntary language courses, based on the Regulation of Fees for the Language Centre of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, 8 February 2012.
  2. Only students who attend language courses that are obligatory or partly-optional are exempted from the relevant course fees.
  3. Students are only entitled to attend the course if they enrol successfully on Moodle and thus appear on the list of participants and also if they pay the course fees. If students for whatever reason cannot take part in the course even though they are on the list of participants, they must immediately unenrol from the course in order to avoid being billed for it. Additionally, the course teacher can delete students from the list if they were absent without valid excuse in the first two weeks of the semester. To maintain their right to a place in the course, students must inform the teacher about their grounds for missing class.
  4. All course participants will receive an email informing them when their invoice(s) are available to download on Moodle. Students who are taking obligatory or partly-optional courses will receive an invoice for 0.00 Euro.
  5. All essential information for an online bank transfer is given in the invoice.
  6. After you have transferred the course fees, please confirm you have done so in the section “Invoices / Confirmation of payment”.
Last modified: Thursday, 12 November 2020, 8:26 AM